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Phone service cables >> Universal cable kit
Universal F-Bus Cables - Robot
Price: USD$80.00
Market Price:USD$95.00
Wholesale Price:USD$75.00
Weight: 1.00kg
Subtotal:1*80.00=USD$ 80.00



1. Support JAF, UFS, UB, ATF, Cyclone, MT-Box, MX-Box, NS Pro, UST Pro etc;
2. Support Nokia Flash, Unlock, UI Factory, Upgrade, IMEI / PM Backup and enter Test / Local Mode etc;
3. With adapter supports most of nokia, samsung models, support more the latest models;
4. With CA-53, DKE-2, CA-101 USB unlock / flash cables, support more the latest models;
5. With Nokia Battery Adapter, simplify the power cables and phone power set connected;
6. With 26Pin conversion adpater, cooperate with chinese flash box support chinese phone flash, upgrade, unlock etc;

Key Functions:

● Intelligent box identification, No need to manually adjust switch;
● Intelligent resistance set, No need to manually set the resistance;
● Intelligent detection the box, power clip, adapter connection status;
● Intelligent definition detection, Maked clip easy to connection;
● Intelligent overcurrent protection, Protect box, phone, ufc safely;
● Intelligent Voltage/Current monitoring, used to check boot current, phone problem etc;

● Unique digital potentiometer, 0~50K(256 rank) adjust at will;
● Unique LED display, resistance, voltage, box shows direct and clear;
● Graphical voltage/current monitoring, used to judge phone problem;
● Extended USB Power cable, solved low power supply unable flash problem;
● Immersion gold/double-sided adapter, oxidation resistance is very good;
● Intelligent detection the UFC and adapter connection status;
● The adapters support 180-degree U-turn, easy to connection phone;
● Simple to dismantle baseboard, solved difficult to press power switch problem;
● Support firmware online upgrade, after upgrade will be more powerful;
● Powerful UFC software, adapter, resistance, probe location is clear;
● Support software online upgrade, synchronzation upgrade latest version;
● Support according to phone Model, Type, Adapter ways to search;
● Support software new tips, updates, use skill will first time let user knows;

Connection Picture:

Adapter Definition:





















USB-1 Adapter




Packing List:

Main Universal F-Bus Cables

Simple to dismantle baseboard, solve difficult to press Power Switch problem;



Conversion Box

Used to connect flash box and Main Universal F-Bus Cables;




Immersion gold / double-sided adapter, Support 180-Degree U-turn;
Green: BB5 Series
Blue: DCT4 Series
Red: SAM and other series

21 Pcs


USB A-B Cable

Extend Power Supply, USB Communication



BB5 Unlock Cable

Support Flash, Unlock, Repair soft, UI, Backup etc!
CA-53: Support N70, N72, 3250 and this interface models;
DKE-2: Support 5200, 5300, N95 and this interface models;
CA-101: Support 5310, 6500c, 8600 and this interface models;

3 Pcs


Power Cable

According to phone power set pinouts connect the power cable clip;
VCC: Red
GND: Black
BSI: Yellow



Nokia Battery Adapter

Simplify the power cables and phone power set connected



26Pin Conversion Adapter

Cooperate with chinese flash box support chinese phone flash, upgrade, unlock etc;




Software Install DVD


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