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Repair equipment tools >> magnifying glass
15 times illumination magnifying glass
Item#: MG6B-2
Price: USD$2.00
Market Price:USD$4.00
Wholesale Price:USD$1.60
Weight: 0.05kg
Subtotal:1*2.00=USD$ 2.00

Holding a magnifying glass with a 2LED lamp
Model: MG6B-2
Lens: optical lens
Caliber: 34mm
Handle: long 9CM
Color: white

Main features:
Two 1 LED lights, high brightness, so that the amplification effect is more clear.
2. The position of the handle with the ergonomic design of the hand, and the tail part of the handle is a round hole arranged in the shape of a butterfly, both beautiful and to increase friction in the role, the magnifying glass to take in the hand does not easily fall, feel very comfortable.
The elderly newspaper to use a magnifying glass is generally between 4 --10 times read a book, the most commonly used is 5 times, 6 times, 8 times, 10 times. Some people think that the ratio is good, in fact, is wrong. The higher the ratio, the thicker the lens, the smaller the diameter, the more difficult it is. High times a magnifying glass can see even a single word can only see half a word or a word of a stroke and corners of the word serious deformation, not suitable for reading, high times magnifying glass for observation of stamps printed dot arrangement, the crack jade porcelain texture.
If the old man's vision can also be recommended 4 times, 6 times as much.
This short-sighted man with glasses, glasses degree is not the higher the better, for you, is the best. But some people think that the purchase of a higher than the cost of the like, always want to buy the highest times, buy back and want to change, to know the high times of reading is not convenient


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